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Our Aim is to Help You Achieve Your International Business Goals 


Based on our vast experience in the international marketplace, we can help you with any international endeavors. Our intimate knowledge of the international arena and worldwide contacts will allow us to be your bridge to international success. 


Nevel International can help you with:


 *  Product Export / Import                            *  Agent / Distributor Recruitment
 *  Outsourcing                                                 *  International Projects

 *  International Team Establishment           *  Business Travel Coordination









Recent Projects


Samples of Projects Completed on Behalf of Our Customers


  • Assisted a European machinery company in setting up a new sales and distribution center in the U.S.


  • Assisted a European trade organization with promoting their India show in the U.S.


  • Attended an Automotive Industry Briefing on behalf of a European company to help promote their event. Supplied management a report on the industry briefing.


  • Worked with a local company on the subject of exporting used cars to a region overseas.


  • Set up a website for an Israeli cosmetic company with point of distribution in the U.S.


  • Attended a European trade show on behalf of our customer to find new companies to represent

Nevel International, LLC

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Providence, RI 02906

Tel: (401) 486-1152


Call us on Skype: anevel

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