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Our Services

  • Assist small and medium sized companies with strategic planning, build market presence/sales through the establishment of an export department or by exporting through alternative channels.

  • Work with companies to analyze and improve their international activities, both domestically and abroad


  • Assist companies with short term projects in the international arena such as developing a presence in a specific international market or preparing for trade shows.


  • Become a board member for companies and international businesses that are interested in export or import.


  • Serve as a guide to international business resources abroad and in the United States and as liaison between companies and those resources. (Including: finance, outsourcing, agent and distributor recruiting, trade contacts and government contacts)

  • Work with foreign companies to establish or increase their business in the United States market.


  • Assisting state, government agencies and NGO's in organizing trade missions to Israel.

Nevel International, LLC

7 Winfield Road

Providence, RI 02906

Tel: (401) 486-1152


Call us on Skype: anevel

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